What is IMAGE IN situ?

IMAGE IN situ offers an innovative way of communicating with potential clients, to companies and organizations who want to promote their image using modern, youth-generated artwork and technology.

IMAGE IN situ shows you how you can enhance storefronts and vacant spaces, while contributing to urban development economically, socially, culturally, environmentally, and architecturally.

  • We want to enhance the dynamic, culturally diverse region of Quebec by promoting local events to the local population, but especially to visiting tourists.
  • We offer a service to property owners and neighbourhoods, which enhance the curb appeal of their buildings, thanks to totally original works of art and other creations. Any revitalization or modernization program can make good use of our services.
  • We give new life to vacant or abandoned lots, while promoting economic development projects or special cultural events.
  • We inspire the drivers of Quebec economic activity to get involved in the community and encourage the average person to be proud of designs which speak to the future. We are especially interested in research centres and IT companies, who can promote their organization, while providing public exposure to local artists.
  • We are giving the cultural industry and emerging artist’s public exposure. In partnership with community organizations and private companies, artists will contribute to the success of your campaigns by promoting economic and social events in Quebec City.


Through her IMAGE IN situ projects, Marie-Josée Roy showcases these locations with a vision centered on full urban development, in perfect harmony with the social, cultural and architectural environment. She undertakes this work and develops this unique and innovative practice drawing upon more than 20 years of practical experience and a highly multidisciplinary and creative background. Glass walls become her favorite creative environment. Through her work, she brings them to life, thereby surprising visitors and reinventing the appearance of these areas. Marie-Josée Roy demystifies art and makes it accessible to everyone.

The works of Marie-Josée Roy lie between abstraction and reality, between illusion and lucidity. Through them, the artist challenges the spectator, invites him/her on an imaginary journey that lasts for as long as it takes to walk through or to stop on an image. To create her ephemeral or permanent installations, she is inspired as much by the architecture and urban landscape as by her imagination. She works equally well with colour as with black and white, magnified through the use of natural light or other light sources, all to ensure that her compositions are vibrant, reflect onto themselves, become as one. Her bold and vibrant colours leap out, and by their presence, reinvent the city.

For more information, contact us.

Feel free to share your comments, we would be happy to respond!

MJ Roy
FB Perso : Marie-Josée Roy


Any translation, reproduction, or adaptation is strictly forbidden
without the consent of the copyright owners. © 2010-2016 IMAGE IN situ

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