Marie-Josée Roy : Visual Artist / Designer / Entrepreneur

The compositions on glass of Marie-Josée Roy are major, from the size of the place to which they are integrated. More than 20 years of work have shaped her works inspired by travel, architecture and imagination. After holding a parallel career as a designer and paint artist, it is the passion to create and the need to express the material that led her to develop her original technique.


May 2010 to Today / IMAGE IN situ: Portfolio

Québec, Montréal and Berlin. Urban and current art, showcase installations, works made in collaboration and solo. These ephemeral or permanent installations were created in the front windows of public buildings to captivate the curious eye and interest from the audience.

Compositions on glass were made ​​in the context of special events such as Noël au Québec de Berlin (Christmas in Québec from Berlin) or Nuit Blanche and Art Souterrain (Underground Art) at the Montréal en Lumière Festival, as well as renowned institutions such as CDP (Ivanhoe Cambridge) and ICAO in Montréal. Business people have also called Marie-Josée Roy for their businesses in exclusive style and authentic signature such as Hugo Boss, Cosmos Café (Québec and Lévis), Henriette L., Bagages de France (Longchamp House) and the Hotel Le Germain Montréal, to name a few.

2009 September / Women
Québec: Outdoor animation workshop for the creation of a collective. Nature painting and art. Painting on canvas and collage of vegetable element. Sainte-Brigitte de Val Cartier

2008 May / Love and Mother
Québec: Animation paint shop for children 10 to 12 years. Primary School, Petite Maitrise (Little mastery) of Québec: Anne-Hébert School

2005 September-June 2006 / Eyes Watching Me
Québec, Sainte-Foy: Achieving solo showcase on a glass in an elementary school science based on the theme of autumn: Fernand-Séguin School

2002 April / Shade of Green Mankind
Québec, Sainte-Foy: Collective workshop, Art of Sainte-Foy, Place Laurier

June-August 2001 / Participation in a Collective Workshop
Montréal: A collective workshop, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal (Painters and Sculptors Circle of Québec): Ville Marie Tower

May-July 2001 / Solo Exposition
Québec: Pizza Royale, Sainte-Foy

2001 March / Training
Québec: Development workshop (modern and traditional oriental painting with Trong Tung Chang, (Master of calligraphy)

2000 February / Solo Exposition
Quebec: Pizza Royale, Sainte-Foy

2000 October / World Color
Québec: Symposium, Solo realization of a outside glass work. Front window of an anthropologist. Merchants’ Association

1999 March / Solo Exposition
Québec: Ulysses & Pénélope, Sainte-Foy

1998 August / Solo Exposition
Québec: La Gamelle (The Bowl), Sainte-Foy

1985 January to March / Workshop Coach
Ottawa: Workshop coach (Art therapy) painting by music. Adults with a mental or psychological disorders. Creating a mural 6 ‘x 25’ which was showed at the main entrance of the institution. Ottawa’s Parto

1984-1986 September to December / Workshop Coach
Ottawa: Painting and visual arts for children from primary level. Francophone Elementary Schools Network of Ottawa

Here’s a taste of her talents with her personal works: Vitality and Instant Lucidity

Couleur d’Automne (Autumn Color) – Marie-Josée Roy IMAGE IN situ © 2011

Watch other presentation of IMAGE IN situ HERE

MJ Roy
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